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School Director's message:
Hello parents,

Welcome to Happy Day Preschool. Your children's preschool experience is the foundation of all future learning. We, at Happy Day Preschool, strive to provide the best educational experience for each child. Happy Day Preschool's philosophy is that every child is special and important. We believe that children develop and grow at their own rate. In order to provide a individualized learning, we believe in building strong relationships with not only the students but also their families.    

Children need to be loved and stimulated in a safe caring environment
in order to grow. We are committed in providing a positive, respectful, and motivating environment where meaningful learning takes place. We  believe in providing a fun, safe, nurturing and stimulating environment where all children can explore, learn, grow and be successful. Children must be provided with opportunities to explore the world around them, to play, and manipulate their environment.  To encourage this type of learning, Happy Day Preschool provides a developmentally appropriate curriculum and environment.   Happy Day Preschool is set up with learning centers  that emphasize the  developments of social skills, fine-motor skills, literacy skills, math skills, science and artistic expression.  Children explore each center at their leisure to learn and grow.   We also incorporate a mutlicultural based curriculum with an emphasis on Chinese language.

Furthermore, we believe that, you, the parents are the most important teacher of every child's life. That is why we are committed to building relationships with every child and their family. 
We look forward to supporting your child's learning and growth!

Mindy Louie - Director